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In-House Kitchen

The school has some 230m2 of kitchen facilities and caters for 1,400 pupils and all the staff of the centre. There is a dining hall for infant school and another for primary, secondary school and sixth form. All food is cooked on a daily basis, on our own premises and pre-cooked food is never served.

The catering service, lunchtime dining hall and playground monitors are provided by a specialist corporate catering company. The menus are designed hand-in-hand with specialists in nutrition belonging to the company and BetàniaPatmos. Samples of all dishes cooked are taken daily and are always available for health inspection.

Pupils from secondary school and sixth form can choose from two starters, two main courses and two desserts. The menus for the month are uploaded to the school website and there are daily suggestions for families on how to complete the evening meal for a nutritionally balanced diet.

Monthly Menus

Secondary Education (September)
Primary Education (September)
Infant Education (2nd Stage) (September)
Ei2 (September)
Ei1 (September)

Summer Camp & School


Ei2: No astringent foods
Ei2: Nut free
Ei2: Lactose free
Ei2: No raw egg or peanuts
Ei2: Cow's milk protein free

Infant Education (2nd stage): Nut free
Infant Education (2nd stage): No nuts, eggs, legume or soy
Infant Education (2nd stage): Gluten free
Infant Education (2nd stage): No gluten or glass of milk
Infant Education (2nd stage): No egg, lactose, citrus, berries or soy
Infant Education (2nd stage): No cow's milk protein, gluten or cow
Infant Education (2nd stage): No salt or sugar
Educació Infantil (2nd stage): No omelette

Primary Education: No penauts, cherries, plumps, peaches, nectarines, apricots or flat peaches
Primary Education: Nut free
Primary Education: No nuts or hake
Primary Education: No nuts or seafood
Primary Education: No nuts, eggs, strawberries, apple or peach
Primary Education: No nuts, peach, nectarine, apricot or flat peach
Primary Education: Gluten free
Primary Education: No lactose, low cholesterol food
Primary Education: Lentils free
Primary Education: Egg free

Recommended Menus

Dinner Recomendation (September)

Dinner Recomendation (June)

Here are some recipes from Ada Parellada to help spread good eating habits.


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