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Fundació Privada Betània-Patmos, a non-profit making organization, is the legal framework chosen to ensure the continuity of the schools Betània and Patmos founded respectively in 1941 and 1959. Both schools, with statutes of a similar ideological nature, merged in 1975 giving rise to Escola Betània-Patmos. In 1984 the founders generously renounced not only ownership of the land and the installations but also the activities they undertook in the centre and was subsequently constituted as a private foundation (as such it is one of the oldest, authentic and active institutions in the service industry, which is a sector made up of non-profit making companies of public interest and are a clear demonstration of a socially dynamic society), and at the same time transferring their economic interests.

Betania-Patmos Foundation was entered as Nº 160 in the Charity Registry of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia according to the decree of 2nd May 1985, and was classified as an educational charity by the resolution of the Minister of Justice on 23rd December 1985.

The Foundation, being the official entity of Escola Betània-Patmos, defines the school’s identity and educational policy and is legally responsible before society, public administration, parents of pupils, teaching staff and administration and service personnel.

Fundació Privada Betània-Patmos has opted for the special tax system established in Law 49/2002 of 23 December “Tax system for non-profit making societies and Patronage tax incentives”, as it complies with all the requisites established in article 3 of the abovementioned law, and, as such, is defined as a sponsored charity as established by article 13 of Law 49/2002.

During the academic year 1993-1994, and with the agreement of the Board of the Foundation, Escola Betània-Patmos acceded to the system of state subsidies of the Generalitat de Catalunya. From the first moment, not only the Board but also those attending successive assemblies of the parents association have given their conformity to the decision taken on the condition that this does not imply a quantitative or qualitative reduction in the school’s educational plan, but should rather serve to promote it.
The goal of Fundació Privada Betània-Patmos is to promote education and teaching at all levels according to active, renovating pedagogical principles and to be deeply rooted to the social and cultural reality of Catalonia. The beneficiaries will be the children, youngsters and adults of both sexes that use its services in any educational, cultural or sporting way.

We hope our project satisfies your expectations. If it should be the case, we invite you to participate actively in it.

Ricard Pol


Betània School for Girls is inaugurated in c/Descartes 4, Barcelona.

Patmos School for Boys is inaugurated in c/Bisbe Català, Barcelona.

A new Betània school is opened in Sabadell later to become independent and renamed Sant Nicolau.

Both schools relocate to Pedralbes on the present site and is officially registered as AGES - Agrupació Escolar–, a non-profit making society. The schools collaborate in setting up Moncau-La Mola School in Matadapera and Montagut School de Vilafranca del Penedès. AGES simultaneously gives financial aid to Tramuntana School which in turn was created from an initiative by Cottolendo School belonging to the Father Alegre brotherhood.

Political reforms allow the introduction of coeducation and both schools amalgamated under the name of Betània-Patmos.

The founding members renounce their full-time dedication to the school: Rosa Maria Omedes – principal and founder of Betània- due to retirement as a teacher; Emili Teixidor – principal and founder of Patmos–, moving on to the fields of pedagogy and literature.

The founders generously concede the property, both land and buildings, as well as their teaching activity, and the centre is constituted as a Private Foundation which received their financial assets.

50th Anniversary of the school.

The school becomes a state subsidized centre under the responsibility of the Autonomous Catalan Government.

The Foundation constructs a new building of 2,200 sq. meters for high-school classrooms and administration.

The Foundation acquires a plot of land of 6,000 sq.meters directly  opposite the present grounds for expanding the facilities.




Escola Betània-Patmos - C/ Montevideo, 13 - Tel.: 932 521 900 - Fax: 932 521 908
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