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  • President
    Glòria Gelada
  • Vice-president
    Xavier Costa
  • Financial Manager
    Michael Goldenberg
  • Secretary
    Antoni Majó
  • Vocals
    Lluís Cases, Juan Jesús Domingo, Iván García, Míriam Montal, Arantxa Pérez, Jordi Puig, Elisabet Sala, Jordi Soler and Sonia Ubago


You can actively participate in any of the committees coordinated by members of the Board.


The aim of this committee is to advise, supervise and make suggestions concerning extra-curricular sports activities, inter-school competitions and parent participation in all aspects of the children’s sporting activities. Among other activities, the commission has taken part in the construction of the multi-purpose sports court located on the roof of the dining hall.

Coordinators: Xavier Costa, Antoni Majó


It is here where parents can organize educational activities on topics that we would like to delve deeper into. On the one hand, conferences are periodically programmed on subjects related to the children’s education that are of particular concern. On the other, there is an ongoing schedule of objectives with groups of parents interested in specific topics. A workgroup has also been initiated on Google for those interested in accessing information and would like to participate in the discussions.

Coordinators: Lluís Cases, Michael Goldenberg
Contact: secretaria@ampa.betania-patmos.org


This commission analyses and makes suggestions for the improvement of communications between members of the Parents’ Association and the School. It is also responsible for the content of the association’s webpage and the relationship between the board of governors and the school magazine, Parlem-ne, where articles by the parents are published. Moreover, it promotes interest and complementary education in the area of technology as well as a variety of cultural activities.

Coordinators: Juan Jesús Domingo, Antoni Majó


This commission is responsible for the coordination of parents who take part in the organisation of the Spring Festival where a multitude of activities are programmed such as games, sporting events, environmental and charity support. It is the most important social event of the parents’ association during the year and, as such, we would be grateful for any suggestions and any type of collaboration. We would like to remind everyone that without the help of all concerned it would be impossible to hold this celebration.

Coordinators: Glòria Gelada, Arantxa Pérez, Elisabet Sala


This commission aims to implicate families in aspects of support and voluntary work within the framework of an aid project with l’Escola Labouré in Barcelona, which has children of 21 distinct nationalities enrolled in the centre.

Two solidarity campaigns are also undertaken: during the first term there is a food collection campaign for the Food Bank Foundation; in the third term there is clothes collection day for Càritas Diocesana of Barcelona which is a charity for the socially deprived. “For a sustainable planet and a world of solidarity” we must be aware of other social realities and try to avoid the creation of isolated ghettos.

Coordinators: Iván García, Míriam Montal
Contact: secretaria@ampa.betania-patmos.org


Together with the board of directors, this commission reviews applications from families for economic support due to specific circumstances or due to the death of one of the parents.

Treasurer: Michael Goldenberg


The commission is the body which is in constant touch with the class delegates so as to centralise any suggestions or initiatives that are suggested either by the pupils themselves or by the school.

All members on the board of the Parents’ Association are representatives of a grade in which they have a child. As such, there is a class delegate for each of the groups from Primary School upwards.

Coordinators: Xavier Costa, Glòria Gelada


The committee collaborates with the school in the protocol for the attainment of good academic results of infants and youngsters with special learning needs.

Coordinator: Glòria Gelada


Based on values of collaboration, solidarity, respect and altruism, the objective of this initiative is to be able to provide books at a minimum cost to all those who request them by way of recycling material used in courses detailed in the educational principles of the school. The group that makes up the commission collects, classifies and organises the material, both textbooks and reading matter, that are given to the commission by families.

Coordinators: Sonia Ubago, Jordi Puig
Contact: secretaria@ampa.betania-patmos.org

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