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English in infants

English in infants

Learning a foreign language from an early age helps cement its acquisition. It is extremely important, though, to introduce them to the English language in a motivating way. It is for that reason that we make sure our classes are dynamic, the activities varied and mostly oral and that they revolve around habits, routines, storytelling, TPR, games, songs, chants, drama or role playing. These activities increase the familiarity of our students with the English language, helping them learn communicative structures and new words that will become a solid basis for their future language learning. Students have an active role and the teacher supports them with gestures, intonation or images to facilitate language production and understanding.

Up and foremost, the teacher must ensure that the activities students are presented with are positive, meaningful and useful beyond the classroom walls. We strive to make sure our students´ experience learning English is successful and a solid stepping stone in their learning.


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