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  • President
    Glòria Gelada
  • Vice-president
    Xavier Costa
  • Treasurer
    Michael Goldenberg
  • Secretary
    Antoni Majó
  • Members
    Lluís Cases, Juan Jesús Domingo, Iván García, Míriam Montal, Marc Muntañá, Arantxa Pérez, Jordi Puig, Jordi Soler and Sonia Ubago


The Parents´ Association (PA) promotes family-school lead activities through work commissions whose tasks vary depending on the interests and concerns of the families themselves.

Should any family feel they can help to improve any of the specific aspects addressed by these commissions, please let us know by sending an email explaining your proposal to secretaria@afa.betania-patmos.org.

The commissions this school year are:


Its objective is to ensure an adequate and fluid relationship between the families (through the PA) and the different school strata– the Management, the Board of Trustees or the School Council, among others. Its main functions are, together with the Management, to monitor those issues that concern the PA periodically; represent families before the Foundation's Board of Trustees; manage the communication channels of the PA; organise the Assembly; promote the Open Classroom colloquiums; participate in the school magazine Parlem-ne and boost the figure of the class representative.

Current members: Glòria Gelada, Jordi Soler, Xavier Costa, Antoni Majó and Marc Muntañá


This committee looks into a wide range of issues that aim to promote social awareness in our school community. Through reflection forums, the dissemination of initiatives, dynamics to exchange opinions…, it seeks to promote sustainable initiatives in different areas (book recycling, mobility, ecological awareness...). Besides this, it tends to the concerns that may arise in families regarding attention to diversity and, finally, organises and promotes the solidarity campaigns that are carried out throughout the school year.

Current members: Sonia Ubago, Míriam Montal and Marc Muntañá


It promotes and coordinates the participation of school families in the organisation of the events and celebrations that take place in our school. Among others, the Spring Festival is a special event in which multiple recreational, sports and solidarity activities are organised in the school premises.

It is the most important social event of the PA and, therefore, we always appreciate your collaboration. Let us remember that without everyone's kind collaboration, it would not be possible to celebrate this day.

Current members: Arantxa Pérez and Glòria Gelada


This commission pursues a dual objective. In the first place, it tends to the concerns of our families regarding the school meals by mediating with the school, the students and the families. Secondly, it promotes a healthy lifestyle in the educational community through reflections and other related topics, such as the importance of sleeping well or maintaining a healthy diet outside of school, how to avoid a sedentary lifestyle in children, mental health in the different school stages, etc.

Current members: Arantxa Pérez and Iván García


In response to the growing concern regarding the use of new technologies at increasingly younger ages, the objective of this commission is to facilitate the debate and reflection about this topic and to support families and students during the different school stages in their relationship with technology. This commission works to debate the different concerns associated with the use of technology and tries to generate a compendium of good practices promoted both by professionals in the field and by the practical experience of families themselves.

Current members: Iván García, Jordi Soler and Marc Muntañá

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