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Core Elements

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The following is an introduction to the core elements of the educational process in BetàniaPatmos. They do not appear in any order of importance, in fact, it is this interwoven aspect which is its greatest value. No matter what type of subjects are being taught today, it only makes sense if they are capable of interlinking and complement each other while being able to tackle present day and future problems.

Having previously mentioned the heads of studies of the various stages of the educational process, it is now time to comment on those responsible for specific subject areas. These general subject areas in BetàniaPatmos are in fact forums where aspects of the syllabus and learning methodology are researched, planned and organized. The follow-up comments are essential day-to-day facts covered at a particular level, in a particular class or on a specific pupil.

Like the heads of sections, departmental heads also present their annual plan to the teaching staff, the School Council and the Board of Governors. These annual plans summarize their own specific educational objectives and how they are to be fulfilled. Upon terminating the academic year, the proposals are analyzed to specify which improvements are to be made and, as such, set the guidelines for the forthcoming course.


BetàniaPatmos is committed to giving a quality education to its pupils and one of the cornerstones is the learning of various languages. One of our main aims is that pupils of our school acquire a high level  of oral and writing skills in Catalan, Spanish and English. It is also a goal to obtain a solid base in a fourth European language, being either French or German. Besides, between the out of school activities that propose offers the learning of the Chinese.



All the boys and girls of Secondary have systematically a weekly hour of oratory in Catalan, Spanish and English in groups reduced. To Sixth Grade the students can dothe area of oral expressive technicians, a immersion in what has done the four previous years with a clear trend to the theatrical language.



These work methods and reasoning strategies help pupils to accomplish demanding mental activities and, as a scientific method, is applicable to any science when searching for ways to solve any type of problem or task which does not count on a simple logical process.

In line with our policy of encouraging pupils to gain experience in other spheres outside the school, we also participate in external mathematics championships such as “FemMates i Proves Cangur”, associated with the Catalan Mathematics Society under the auspices of the IEC (Catalan Institute of Studies) with the aim of stimulating reasoned thought and going beyond the simple mechanical process.



The Department of Science encourages experimental science at all grades and in all subject areas, but especially so in those related to the environment and technology. It is clear that science is, in every aspect, observation, manipulation and reasoning, and it essential to apply this to everyday life so that explanations and answers can be given to the mysteries of the natural world.



Is essential for our pupils to recognize that they form part of a specific culture, although this means the acceptance of differing viewpoints, and that they are also prepared to learn about and are ready to accept that there are other ways of understanding life in the world around us.

We understand that it is impossible that a citizen can act of reflexive and responsible shape without knowing the historical sediments, social, religious or of thought of this or of that society.



At Betània Patmos we stir and maintain artistic creativity and sensitivity throughout their education. Firstly, it is an excellent way to participate in the ongoing perception of the world through a multitude of languages, whether they be painting, music, dance or other forms of artistic expression; secondly, it is also an excellent way to collaborate in the unending field of creativity, much needed in today’s world and unlike its opposite, that of destruction which at times occurs due to a simple lack of awareness or by systematic negligence.



The main objectives of physical education in BetàniaPatmos are to facilitate personal development, improve well-being, defend one’s personal dignity and encourage fraternity. With these goals in mind, physical education and sport play an essential role in the development of skills based on the learning and acquisition of long-lasting and healthy habits, the values of respect and generosity and the constructive use of free time through sports and physical activities.



The basic aim of this department is to give impetus to the progressive integration of information, learning, knowledge and communication technologies into the teaching and learning processes. The department works in collaboration with the teachers of the distinct sections of the school through the figure of the IT coordinator and by way of different educational projects that guarantee the acquisition of computer skills by our pupils. For a number of years, all the projects and the computer skills we work on have been integrated into the curricular areas in an interdisciplinary and collaborative manner, being based on different working models that pupils will encounter later on in society.



APupils in Betània Patmos are neither passive receivers of information nor do they reproduce their learning in a verbatim manner. As mentioned above, if our aim is to help pupils develop into active and critical participants, the school needs to encourage this active and productive dimension of its principal players. Infants and youngsters must gradually develop their personal intuition, that is to say, the capacity to generate information based on a dialogical project and a monitoring process to solve possible difficulties.


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